The Advantages of Using Texas Components

(Why Choose Texas Components?)

 Genuine Licensed/Authorized Manufacturer (Precision Center) & Distributor of Vishay Precision Group (VPG) Bulk Metal® Foil resistors and related products.
 Largest, most experienced, and most technically capable USA manufacturer of Bulk Metal® Foil resistors and related or derivative products.
 Over 100 years combined experience embedded on staff as scientists, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers specifically trained and experienced in manufacturing quality Bulk Metal® Foil resistors and derivative products.
 Over 300 years of experience embedded on staff specifically handling, manufacturing, testing, and delivering Bulk Metal® Foil and derivative products.
 Strong production capabilities and technical competence, but small company service mentality, approachability, and flexibility.
 Current capacity of over a million resistors a year, readily expanded (tens of millions produced already here in the USA).
 You get a direct relationship with the manufacturer AND access to skilled engineering and quality control on-site together in the same location in the USA.
 Over 30 years of service and experience specifically in manufacturing Bulk Metal® Foil products.
 Over 30 years of exemplary quality reputation and delivery record.

 Greatest combined scientific, engineering, manufacturing, and delivery capability in the Americas - all in one location. [This is not a sideline business for us - this is what we do!)
 Texas Components can work directly with your designers and engineers to conceive and manufacture special solutions to your needs, including custom physical configurations, environments, and power ratings – as well as discrete unit parametric screening/testing, power conditioning, burn-in, and life-testing.
 Texas Components has numerous custom designs and even proprietary products of our own utilizing Bulk Metal® Foil and complementary technologies.

Email, phone or fax us your performance wish list for our applications engineers to study – we will make or find a solution for you!

Our experienced Applications Engineers and friendly Sales Staff are available and eager to assist you!

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