Texas Components Corporation has been involved in the electronic component sales and distribution industry since the 1960's, including representing Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. products since the 1970's. In 1980, Texas Components became an authorized manufacturer and marketer of Vishay (now Vishay Precision Group, or VPG) Bulk Metal® Foil resistive technologies and related products. By the 1990's, Texas Components had established a division exclusively focused on the support of Bulk Metal® Foil resistors and the development of custom designs as well as derivative products and applications using VPG's Bulk Metal® Foil technology. Bulk Metal® Foil technology often plays an important role in the custom packaged network devices and multi-chip modules designed and manufactured by the other divisions of Texas Components.

The special characteristics of Texas Component's Resistive Products Division include: a) a specialized employee structure, training, and experience set dedicated to Bulk Metal® Foil technology and product performance; b) a low physical plant profile with heightened customer service and responsiveness; and c) an unwavering focus on quality manufacturing and accurate delivery of Bulk Metal® Foil resistive technologies and the development of related and derivative designs and applications.

The unique design of VPG's Bulk Metal® Foil makes possible superior product designs and performance that are just not possible with any other technology. The same design features that create this outstanding performance also allow for precise customization in any quantity. Dr. Felix Zandman, the founder of Vishay and the developer of the Bulk Metal® Foil technology, wanted to insure that, as his company became larger and more diversified, customer responsiveness be maintained at the highest possible level, through multiple supply chain channels and choices.

To this end, and in order to provide complete customization of resistor specifications, Dr. Zandman developed the Precision Center conceptallowing for the manufacture of Bulk Metal® Foil resistors in facilities more proximate and responsive to it's customers. Texas Components was asked to participate in this program and has since grown to be the largest, most experienced, and most technically capable in the Americas, having also developed numerous custom designs and even proprietary products using Bulk Metal® Foil technology.

Texas Components has the only million unit+ capacity manufacturing facility in the Americas today, and, with over three decades of experience manufacturing these products, is the most experienced and technically capable USA manufacturer of Bulk Metal® Foil resistors. Texas Components is recognized not only for reliable delivery of products, but for both engineering design services as well as quality control and troubleshooting expertise. This is not a sideline business for Texas Components, as it is for others, nor are we a small one or two person operation - this is what we do and what we focus on every day.

Texas Components has on staff now experienced scientists, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers with, combined, over 100 years worth of training and experience specifically in mastering the manufacture of VPG Bulk Metal® Foil resistors and the development of derivative designs. Texas Components also has embedded on staff over 300 combined years of experience specifically in the handling, manufacturing, testing, and delivery of Bulk Metal® Foil technology and related products. Only at VPG's own headquarters in Israel could you find such depth, experience, and capabilities of personnel and operations in one location.

While Texas Components has the strong production capabilities and technical competence needed to meet the needs of the most demanding industries and businesses, we work hard to also maintain a small company service mentality, with the approachability and flexibility all businesses need to meet challenging delivery schedules.

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