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'When the digital world has to meet the real analog world'

Texas Components is a USA based manufacturer of precision discrete electronic components as well as custom packages and proprietary multi-chip modules - specializing in high temperature, and low temperature, applications (plus any applications requiring high precision and/or power).

In addition, Texas Components is the largest and most experienced independent manufacturer and marketer of Bulk Metal® Foil based resistors located in the USA, having over 30 years of experience with even the most complex designs and applications. As a licensed and certified Precision Center, Texas Components is an authorized part of the Vishay Precision Group global supply chain for manufacturing and distributing resistive products made using Bulk Metal® Foil, including standard Vishay Foil Resistors as well as our own unique design applications and derivative products.

Our made in the USA products are offered with no minimum order quantity, and delivery in less than one week is possible for some designs and models not otherwise in stock!

Texas Components also offers stocking programs and just-in-time (JIT) delivery services in addition to extensive pre and post manufacturing operations and other testing services (including discrete unit parametric screening, set-matching, power conditioning, burn-in, and life-tests).

Our experienced Applications Engineers and friendly Sales Staff are available and eager to assist you!
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