Custom Designs / Specialized Solutions / Extensive Testing Services

Texas Components can conceive and manufacture special solutions to your resistive and/or other special component and circuitry needs as well as support custom physical configurations, and performance characteristics, (TCRs, environment compatibility, power ratings, etc).

Our custom designs, for example, include high temperature through-hole and surface-mount precision resistors, as well as packaged networks (PRND), dividers, and multi-chip modules for operational environments above 200°C and even up to 260°C 

Texas Components also offers extensive pre and post manufacturing services (PMOs) as well as extensive testing services; including discrete unit parametric screening, set matching, power conditioning, burn-in, and life-testing.

Email, phone, or fax us with your wish list so our applications engineers can study it - we will make or find a solution for you, and we'll send a specifications document to detail the proposal!



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(for Bulk Metal Foil Resistors)

Pre and Post Manufacturing Operations (PMOs) enhance the already greater stability inherent in Bulk Metal Foil Resistor. These PMOs are uniquely applicable to resistors made of Bulk Metal resistive foil, and they take the already superior stability of Bulk Metal Foil based devices one step further. The PMOs described are not applicable to thick film, thin film, or wire - as they constitute an exercising of the resin that bonds the Bulk Metal Foil to the substrate.

The exercises that are employed are (1) temperature cycling (2) short time overload, and (3) accelerated load life.

Temperature Cycling:
This exercise is done initially in the chip stage of all production and will eliminate any fallout in the PMO cycling. The cycling exercises the bonding resin and relaxes the Bulk Metal Foil without reducing the bonding strength. A small reduction in resistance is tolerable during this PMO operation.

Short Time Overload (STO):
The STO operation is performed on all resistors during manufacturing. Its function is to eliminate shorts (if any) so this PMO operation is further assurance and enhancement of the inherent pattern based design of Bulk Metal Foil.

Accelerated Load
The standard load-life curve of a Bulk Metal Foil resistor exhibits a change in the beginning of the load-life, and then not much change after the first 100 hours. By employing the PMO exercise of accelerated loading, this bend in the load-life curve can be removed so that the resistor is, thereafter, always on the flat part of the curve. How much acceleration is a function of the application should be worked out between our applications engineering department and your design team.

These same operations when applied to resistors based on thick film, thin film, and wire technology (for example) have vastly different consequences. The PMOs are only applicable to Bulk Metal Foil, and they are in fact an enhancement to the resistor’s performance (when they can actually drive other resistor types out of tolerance, or even open). The failure mechanisms in these other resistor types are too numerous to discuss here, but Bulk Metal Foil resistors are the least affected by these PMOs - and, in fact, these PMOs only serve to further stabilize and enhance overall Bulk Metal Foil resistor performance. Accordingly, such PMOs should be considered when the level of stability required is beyond even the published limits for standard product.