Ordering Terms and Conditions

Prices and Availability: The lead time options available for non-stocked items will be provided to you, along with pricing, in response to your specific quote request. (See our quote request form link above). As with all product specifications, all prices are subject to change at any time - so please refer to our datasheets and/or contact our sales staff with any questions or concerns.

Payments: Customers (domestic or international) who do not have a credit account established with us must pay in advance of shipment (and usually at the time of order). This is made easy to do via PayPal or major credit card - for which we may charge a small surcharge to cover our additional expense when using such services.

Cost of shipping and risk of loss or damage during shipping: Regardless of the method of payment, our company policy is that all quotes are made and orders accepted FOB, EXW or CPT our location: Texas Components/Houston, TX, USA - meaning, all shipping costs, taxes, tariffs, duties, and all risks and responsibility of delivery (including risks of loss) are assumed by, borne by, and the responsibility of you (the customer) after the products leave our possession and our facility. Texas Components is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments – so let's work together to choose the best carrier and shipping method for you and your orders.

Shipping carriers and methods: Our policy is that we will ship only by methods and with carriers that can be accommodated completely by our in-house systems (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS) and that support "proof of delivery". We can ship using your account with such carriers, or we can use our own account and add the cost of shipping/handling to your order (in which case all orders and charges are subject to a final modification based on the ultimate nature of the package and shipping method.) A few shipping carriers and methods automatically include a nominal amount of insurance, but, in general, shipments are not insured unless you make such an arrangement with your insurance provider or within your account agreement with your own carrier or, for each order and shipment, you provide specific written instructions to us that we should, when using our carriers, also add (and charge for) carrier provided insurance.

Small and international customers: As mentioned, Texas Components orders are quoted and filled FOB our location in Houston, Texas. Many methods exist to ship your order, including methods that can a) prove we did actually ship your order, b) provide prompt delivery, c) prove you actually received your order, and d) insure against lost or damage (e.g. Federal Express, UPS, DHL, USPS Global Express Guaranteed or USPS Express International). However sometimes, especially for small and international customers, the cost of such shipping methods can be high compared to the value of a the order. In such cases, we can ship by USPS First Class International or other untracked/uninsured methods if you prefer, so you can enjoy the reduced cost of that method, BUT you must recognize, understand, and accept that USPS First Class International to some locations (and even some forms of USPS Priority International to some locations) will not provide any tracking, proof of delivery, or insurance, and that, once the shipment leaves our offices, Texas Components has no control of or responsibility for its ultimate passage through customs and/or its ultimate delivery to you. So please choose the shipping method you feel best meets your needs and expectations, and appreciate that we just cannot be responsible for the mail services in your country.

Quality Systems: The proprietary quality system employed by Texas Components was developed over 37 years of service and, in particular, was created in response to the need to meet military specification compliance requirements. Texas Components does not currently engage third party certifiers but, instead, is audited quarterly and, more fully, annually by Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) as part of the manufacturing and distribution license that authorizes Texas Components to manufacture Bulk Metal Foil resistors and related products here in North America. In lieu of relying on a third party certification, our quality system is often reviewed and approved by the quality department of the major customers we regularly serve prior to the initiation of such service, including such customers in demanding aerospace industry. This approach has, over these many years, proven more focused, efficient, and effective as the nature of various third party certifications has been changing in scope and import. Texas Components welcomes any requirement you might have to meet your quality expectations and requirements.

Returns, Exchanges, & Cancellations: Our products are primarily custom made to order and we begin making plans and acquiring materials as soon as the order is placed. So, with very few, very limited, very rare exceptions, all orders placed are non-cancellable and non-returnable i.e. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Other Terms: Please see our Web Site Use Terms and Conditions notice at the bottom of this page for more terms, notices, and disclosures.

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