Passive Products and Specifications

Please note: Many products could appropriately appear in more than one category. However, we have placed each product in only the one category most descriptive of it. If you don't see what you are needing in any one category, please check the other categories as well or try the search box (top right of this page) or contact a sales representative for assistance.

Surface-Mount Resistors

  • (fixed/simple/discrete)

Bulk Metal® Foil surface-mount precision resistors are available in various SMD packages and in flip chip, bare chip, and fixed resistor network configurations

Through-Hole Resistors

  • (fixed/simple/discrete)

Fixed solid wire terminations in radial configurations; molded, encapsulated or conformal coated packages

Power and Current Sensing Resistors

Power current sensors available in SMD or axial versions with optional heat sinks; 4-terminal Kelvin connections for precise measurement

Hermetically Sealed Resistors

  • (fixed/simple/discrete)

Hermetic seal eliminates ingress of oxygen and moisture which degrade resistors over time; axial, radial, and SMD packages available

Voltage Dividers and Unitized Networks Resistors

Voltage dividers and networks available in SMD or axial combinations, with compact packages or special constructions

Trimming Potentiometers

Low noise trimmers featuring precise adjustment and stability against mechanical vibration or temperature variations

Hybrid Chip Resistors

Unique custom-designed precision hermetic networks in standard packages with no NRE; wire bondable chips for hybrid circuits

High Temperature Resistors

Designed to withstand extreme temperature conditions up to +240C, these resistors are available in SMD, axial and wire bondable styles

Military and Space Resistors

  • (DSCC)

Military & Space Bulk Metal® Foil resistors have been used in military and space for more than 40 years; qualified against ESA, NASA, DSCC and EEE-INST-002 standards and QPL listed

Axial Lead Resistors

  • (fixed/simple/discrete)

Fixed solid wire terminations in axial configurations; molded, encapsulated or conformal coated packages

Audio Resistors

Special 'naked' foil designs particularly suited to low noise audio applications

Small Profile Resistors

  • (fixed/simple/discrete)

Special space saving configurations for common applications

Packaged Networks, Dividers, and other Multi-Chips Modules (including PRND)

Resistor networks, resistor+capacitor networks, and various Multi-Chip Modules.


  • (ceramic/low TCC/high temperature)

Precision NPO (low TCC) capacitors for use with precision (low TCR) resistors in resistor+capacitor networks. TxCC can design and build any such circuit you need."

Resistor Standards for Calibration

Direct Plug-In Bulk Metal® Foil Resistor Standards (High Stability and Accuracy for Laboratory Calibration Standards) Direct Plug-In Device for Most DMM’S Available in the Market.

Extra (Pre/Post) Manufacturing Services
(Discrete unit screening, testing, burn-in, life tests, and more!)